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Dinner & geocaching via bus

I just returned from a most awesome dinner at Gordy's Steak House in Mahtomedi, a city just NE of where I live. I frequently buy Groupon/Crowdcut/Living Social deals to restaurants that I've never been to before as a way to try them out for a decent price. Thus far all my experiences have been good but this one was great. Whenever I dine alone I bring along my tablet with its Kindle app so I can read. Tonight I ordered an appetizer and an entree, and I was treated to the most leisurely, relaxed dinner I've ever had. The appetizer (spinach/artichoke dip) arrived first, and it was delicious. After a suitable break, I had the salad, and then the entree (rib-eye steak). The server could see that I was clearly in no hurry. I appreciated that my meal wasn't rushed and that I was able to savor each course and rest a bit between them. The food was great too - the steak was so tender you could practically cut it with a spoon. I'll certainly be going back there.

Today's geocaching adventure was mostly urban. (I took today off just because.) When I plan a route, I usually make a circuit where I can park and then return without having to double back. I couldn't do that today. I planned to cache along a point-to-point bike trail. I didn't want to park at one end and then walk back 5 miles to get it. I checked the bus routes and as luck would have it, I was able to bus to the starting point in only 20 minutes from my house! Score! I knew that buses ran at the end point so I did in fact wind up making a big circuit today albeit with bus rides at the beginning and end.

The route starts in a residential part of St. Paul then goes through an industrial area after which it becomes primarily pastoral but still not far from civilization. (The route does wind up in woods and such much further along.) The start of my trip was hampered a little bit by light rain and overcast skies. The dark skies made searching in woods harder than it needed to be. Good thing I brought a flashlight along! I couldn't find a few of the caches after thorough searches. One I saw but had no way of retrieving it. It's located in a very challenging spot. My count for the day was 19 finds, 6 did-not-finds, and 1 spotted but unable to retrieve. Not bad at all and I met my goal of finding at least 100 caches this month. I walked at least 6 miles (not counting the searching) and had a pretty excellent hill-climbing workout searching for one cache.

At about the halfway point of my trek, my waterbag sprung a leak. Knowing that I had a ways to go and that I wouldn't be close to a water source, I chugged a liter or so of water and left only a mouthful or two. I did manage to finish without becoming dehydrated. Time to get a new water container.

The roads in the Twin Cities are a fustercluck this weekend. The main highway between Minneapolis and St. Paul is closed in both directions. I'm pretty much trapped on this side of the river. I'm sure I'll find something to entertain myself.



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Jul. 23rd, 2012 12:48 pm (UTC)
I'm envious of your caching adventures. I live in the city and most of mine are park and grabs, I love to visit the parks on the weekends for some nice hikes to cache but time isn't always on my side. Right now I lie vicariously through you.

Oh! And I'm anxiously awaiting pics of your new addition! :)
Jul. 23rd, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
I'm in a city too but there are so many trails, parks and wilderness areas nearby. P & Gs are great for working on streak caching. I'm aiming for 100 days in a row and have 28 days to go.
Jul. 23rd, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
A certain goat tells me that today I should wish 'happy birthday' to a purple squirrel :)
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